Hilltown Demolition Provides Quality
Workmanship At A Fair Price


Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties

We take on demolitions projects of all shapes and sizes


Complete Building

Which could be up to having all the utilities disconnected (Elec., Water, Sewer, Tele., Cable lines) removing the entire structure, Removing the foundation, Backfilling cellar hole to grade and loam & seed.

Interior and Exterior

Interior and Exterior

Which would be either partial removal of material or complete removal of material, either down to the structural walls or just sections of the interior. Exterior would be down to structural walls to include Roofing, Siding, Porches, Sidewalks, Windows etc

Septic Systems

We install complete Septic systems and Do Repairs

Title 5

Title 5

Determine if the system is functioning properly and determine if it can be Repaired or needs to be replaced.

Perc Tests

Perc Tests

Perc Tests are to determine the quality of the soil so the Engineer can determine the size of the Leaching system.


Asbestos Removal

We Remove This Type of Hazardous Material Under Federal., State, and Local Laws.

Lot Clearing And Site Work

Cut and Tree Removal, Removal of Stumps, Grading of Land, Loam & Seed or Any Part of Process.

Dumpster Rental

We Rent 10 – 15 Yard or 30 Yard Dumpsters for House or Garage Clean-Outs.


Tim Sherman has been in the construction business for over 20 years. Tim has experience running equipment and has built all types of structures. Tim started his own business renting dumpsters, doing interior and exterior demolition and septic systems four years ago. Hilltown Demolition also does land clearing and site work. Tim holds a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License allowing him to do most any type of construction project. Between Tim and his father Ken they hold Construction Supervisor, Home Improvement, Mass. Hoisting Class 1B and 2A, Septic Installers and Title 5,  Asbestos Supervisor and Massachusetts Drivers License Class A and B. 

As a small company we can work with our customers closer to provide the highest quality workmanship for the most reasonable price for all.